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Terms And Conditions

VAT number - 410 6952 15 


Terms & conditions. 


The quote is valid for 30 days. 


.Parts supplied by customers are done so at their own risk. 

. With power flushes, Magna cleanse flushes and thorough flushes ideally all the radiator valves would work so that we can isolate all but one to get the maximum flush. Also because we have to turn them on and off if any valves stick or cease to work we will of course do our best to fix the issue but we cannot accept responsibility for this. 

. When having to gain access behind bath panels to do work we take no responsibility for the condition of the bath panel or the bath it’s attached to whilst removing it. They can be tight and fitted in all kinds of ways. In giving us permission to proceed you there for agree to us not being liable in the unfortunate event that damage would incur. 

. When swapping heat-only boilers you have working components already in situ with the current system i.e. pumps and zone valves. On the drain down of a central heating system, an existing pump or zone valve can sometimes fail upon re-filling. We can not take any responsibility for such failure as this is out of our control. It goes without saying we always use our best endeavours to try and prevent this and would provide a quote to change defective parts if necessary. 

. With underfloor services and flush outs, part of the service is identifying parts which have failed or are not in working order I.e valves which are not opening causing loops to fail. A full report will be done on completion of any faults that are found. When systems are drained it is a common occurrence, especially on older systems with older or unused rad valves that they can fail upon re-filling the system causing the rad not to get proper circulation through therefore not heating the rad fully. We will always use our best endeavours to either try and rectify without draining or give a full report on what action is required. 

. Once the job has been given the go-ahead and therefore terms and conditions have been agreed, materials will be ordered. Cancellation within 48 working hours of the start date of the job will incur a charge of £200 per man per day booked in to complete the job. If less than a day is booked for the job the cancellation fee will be the amount of hours booked to the job times the hourly rate of £25. The cost of materials would be expected to be purchased from us.

 .Charges may incur if customer-sourced parts are either faulty or wrong which results in us making a returned visit or equally a wasted journey. 

. The cost of materials will be requested once on site.

 . Boiler diagnostics are done in a sequence. The first thing to fail in that sequence is all that we can diagnose. If that part is changed and other things fail after fitting that component we won’t accept responsibility for that, but will use our best endeavours to provide a fix/ solution to the problem and provide a quote for doing so. 

.payments will be requested in stages e.g. payment after 1st fix is complete. The payment after 2nd fix is complete. 

. Payments are due on completion of works which have been undertaken. A 5% cost increase may be chargeable if these terms are not met per day that it’s late. Any Items, fittings or pipework fitted by us in a customer’s property remain Butchs Plumbing and heating goods until payment is made in full.

 . When changing or installing surrey flanges/ immersion heaters, we rely on the integrity of the cylinder being sound in order for this to be successful. If the cylinder is brittle or worn it may split. We hold no responsibility for this whatsoever but will use our best endeavours to provide a quote for rectifying should this unfortunately happen.

 . Baths and shower trays can be fitted on either 1st fix or 2nd fix. We take into account what’s best for the job and tailor our decision to that.

 . When working on unvented cylinders regarding repairing the safety features on them, we can only repair them in a sequence. So if we come across an expansion vessel which has no charge and the relevant prv deploying that will need changing before other safety devices can be identified in some cases. This is because they often go into the same tun dish and present themselves with similar symptoms.

 . When converting heating systems you may be without heating and hot water for a couple of days while the system is being converted. We do our best to minimise this time but it is inevitable.

 .Unfortunately, we DO NOT accept checks.

 . If there is a failure to pay within the time frame agreed, we will instruct a debt recovery agency to recover the full amount of the invoice. Any costs that are incurred due to getting the debt recovery company involved will be charged to the client who will be solely responsible for this. Our payment terms are always on receipt of invoice unless otherwise agreed. Status of payment terms for this job -DUE ON RECEIPT OF INVOICE. By accepting the quote/ estimate you therefore agree to all the above terms and conditions. 

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